Core Business 03

Establishing a Basis for Sustainable Development

Establishing cooperative networks for implementing support programs for companies within the cluster

  • Establishing a one-roof service system for cluster companies and operating a robot cluster forum

    Robot cooperation factory,KIRIA laboratory building,Robot innovation center,KIRIA main building

Supporting industrial growth by utilizing KIRIA infrastructure

  • With the aim of boosting entrepreneurship and nurturing companies, KIRIA makes the most of its facilities and equipment in order to support robot companies in comprehensive sectors ranging from product development to education

    The title is 'Establishing a support system for product development and marketing throughout the business cycle'. Composed of contents :(first line) R&D > Design > Pilot products > Performance evaluation > Production > Marketing.(next line)Infrastructure > Robot innovation center>Robot cooperation factory > Standardization certification center.(next line)Support area > Support for safety technology development > 1.Support for commercialization 2.Support for testiong the commerciallization of technology transfer 3.Support for entrepreneurship 4.Support for commercialization consulting > 1.Robot pilot program for market creation 2.Support for overseas expansion

Nurturing talented people in the area of robotics convergence technology

  • KIRIA promotes high-capacity human resources by fostering talented individuals in robotics technology who can develop new business projects and lead the future of the industry

    a robot manipulator

    Producing field experienced workers

    students who study robots

    Establishing a foundation for
    producing robot specialists